Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just some pics of what's new inside...

This beautiful hutch is just missing it's glass in the door.

This old porcelain table is in terrific condition, everything
fully in tact, both leaves in great shape.

Check out this old telephone table. Phone went inside the
top cabinet. Lots of fine hand crafted detail on this piece.

Yep, we're selling fresh blueberries for a short time...
come and get 'em!

These old move canisters are soooo cool!
Great for a theater/movie room.
Oh, the $99 is for the table the silverware is sitting on, not the silverware.
I think the place setting was $5.

Trust me, our inventory is changing CONSTANTLY, it's hard to keep up with pictures because something you see on here may be gone tomorrow! We're one of those shops that if you see and you like it, you better move on it or else somebody else will!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Better Late than Never!

Finally, pictures of our booth at the Flea Market!

Look at all the treasures we brought with us!

This was definitely a lot of fun, exhausting fun. It took us out
of our "shop" realm and helped us get acquainted with other dealers.
The Barn House experience is definitely not one to be missed!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Barnhouse Show a Huge Success!!

Whew, that was an experience. Sally and I were completely exhausted before and after the show. During it we were running on adrenaline! We met so many nice people and got a feel for all the hard work and commitment these special people put into their wares for everyone to come purchase and enjoy. Simply amazing at how many talented people we met this past weekend.
It was great getting our name out in the public even more, it generated even more awareness that we do exist in Battle Ground! I'll post pictures soon, Sally and I are still recovering, I mean unpacking from the show.
As for the shop, we have some AWESOME pieces of beautiful furniture that you'll just have to come see. I'll be back with some pics next time....
Lisa :-)
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