Thursday, May 27, 2010

Memorial Day Tribute to My Father

Growing up, I never gave much thought to Memorial Day until my Dad passed away six years ago. He was a disabled veteran who lost his eye sight and left hand in Luxembourg, February of 1945 (three months before WWII ended). While our family honored Memorial Day, we never discussed it's significance because my Dad never talked about or paid tribute to those who were wounded in the war.

Francis Gene Morgan Rawe (before being wounded at age 24)

My Mom, Elizabeth Jeanette, and my Dad began dating when she was 16. Here she sits, reading a letter from him with his picture sitting close by. He had asked her to wait for him until he got out of the war. She said yes. YES, and yet not realizing what she was really agreeing to. Years of struggles and a life dedicated to the needs of my Dad, six children and ultimately, being eyes for both herself and him.

Not one to bring attention to his own disabilities, my Dad expected those around him to respect his decision to appear normal. Today however, I would like to pay tribute to just a few of his accomplishments:

6 children

14 grandchildren

17 great grandchildren

and a small farm that still exists today.

His legacy lives on because he never gave up even when death was calling out his name 65 years ago. He was a hard worker, persistent, giving, and above all, NEVER A QUITTER.

Gene (Dad), Jeanette (Mom), Janet, Larry, Duane, Nancy, Lynda and me, at the bottom after having gotten in trouble for not smiling.

Mom and Dad taken several years before their 59th Wedding Anniversary.

For all that you gave me and who you were, thanks Dad. I love you. You and Mom are both my HEROES.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend S.A.L.E.

We're thankful to be Americans, thankful to live in this country and above all thankful to all the men and women that have fought to protect our freedoms. Even owning a small business is part of the "American Dream", and we're thankful for this opportunity.
Because of this special holiday, several vendors will be having sales in their spaces at Uncovered Ruby, this Saturday for Memorial Day Weekend. We hope to see you!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Womens and Chicks

I stopped by this garage sale today that was actually inside an old house. As soon as I pulled up, my picker instinct heart started that quick paced beating with excitement. My kids were with me and they know as soon as I make that certain sound and get that certain look on my face that they were in for the long haul waiting in the back seat. Good thing I bribed them with ice cream! (I sooo want to call myself a picker now...I H.E.A.R.T. American Pickers!!!)

Sure enough, junk galore. Ahhh, bliss.

I started my pile and while wandering towards the outside enclosed porch, I spotted a box that I really needed to have. Nothing was marked, so I asked the sweet little old lady what she wanted for it.

"$25, " she stated. I paused..."Would you take $15?"
She paused..."I'd go $20."
I hemmed and hawed and made a minor production and said,

"Ok, I'll take it."

Upon returning to the house after running out to open the truck for her kind husband that loaded it for me...she gave me the total for what I owed her.

"Um, I don't think that's right," I said. I pointed out the prices she had given me for my few pots and concrete things I had piled up and then said, "and $20 for the box."

Sweet lady: "No, I said the box was $25."
Me: "Well at first you did, but we agreed on $20."
Sweet lady: "Nope, $25 is what I said."
Me: "Hmmmm." For those of you that know me, I'm not very quick on my feet as far as responses go, and since the box was already in my truck and every one was staring at me,
I caved.

"Ok," I said quietly....
kicking myself inside.

As I handed over my money with a clenched fist, she said, "You know what would be really cute in those pots?"
Me: "What?"
Sweet Lady: "Womens and chicks."
Me: "Oh, hens and chicks?"
Sweet Lady: "Yeah, that's what I meant."
Bless her heart.

Lisa :-)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Better Late Than Never

The first Vintage Gathering Flea Market was a hit, and I'm sure you already know that since I've been so slow on posting about it! Beautiful sunny day, lots of enthusiastic shoppers, and an enjoyable day spent with our fellow flea(ers). Take a gander:

If pictures speak louder than words, then it's quite evident by the smiles, that it was a great season opening for our flea markets! Until June.....
Lisa :-)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Always An Adventure

Setting up for our first Vintage Gathering Flea Market got off to a bang! While I was unloading a bunch of 'junque' it was rather warm and muggy. When I finished, I went and swapped places with Sally and ran the shop until the end of the day while she went and worked on our space. I soon got a call that went something like this:

"We've got problems!" (Sally)

"What do you mean, we've got problems??" (me)

"It's hailing out here and canopies are blowing away!" (Sally)

"What? It's not supposed to do that today. Are you sure?" (me)

Sally murmurs something inaudible.

"Well, take cover!" (me)

Needless to say, it didn't hail where I was, (sure it sprinkled a little...nothing to get excited about). Upon arriving, it definitely looked a little wetter than when I left, and the rain steadily streaming from the top of our canopy was evidence of what had taken place. Well, it's still not supposed to do that today.

After righting various blown over canopies, I wandered around and took some shots. Michelle of "
My Shabby Passion", is right next to us with a lovely display of some old concrete bird baths. I told her the water in them was a nice touch...that was God's plan all along :-). It's always an adventure around here.

Come enjoy the spectacular finds at our First Vintage Gathering Flea Market (rain or shine)!
8am to 4pm

Grieving and Rejoicing

A very dear and local family watched their 9 year old son, Luke, pass away into his Father's arms yesterday. Luke's story is a fight against cancer and his amazing faith. People from across the country have wrapped their arms around this family in prayer and's been an amazing testimony and so beautiful to see that yes, we still pull together in times of trials.

When I got the call yesterday telling me that Luke had died, I just went to my children, and sat with them and held them. Their strong hearts beating against me, we prayed for the Jensen family while tears flowed. My oldest reassured me, "He's in heaven now." Yes and Amen.
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