Friday, May 7, 2010

Always An Adventure

Setting up for our first Vintage Gathering Flea Market got off to a bang! While I was unloading a bunch of 'junque' it was rather warm and muggy. When I finished, I went and swapped places with Sally and ran the shop until the end of the day while she went and worked on our space. I soon got a call that went something like this:

"We've got problems!" (Sally)

"What do you mean, we've got problems??" (me)

"It's hailing out here and canopies are blowing away!" (Sally)

"What? It's not supposed to do that today. Are you sure?" (me)

Sally murmurs something inaudible.

"Well, take cover!" (me)

Needless to say, it didn't hail where I was, (sure it sprinkled a little...nothing to get excited about). Upon arriving, it definitely looked a little wetter than when I left, and the rain steadily streaming from the top of our canopy was evidence of what had taken place. Well, it's still not supposed to do that today.

After righting various blown over canopies, I wandered around and took some shots. Michelle of "
My Shabby Passion", is right next to us with a lovely display of some old concrete bird baths. I told her the water in them was a nice touch...that was God's plan all along :-). It's always an adventure around here.

Come enjoy the spectacular finds at our First Vintage Gathering Flea Market (rain or shine)!
8am to 4pm


Molly Mo's said...

I'm glad you ended up with great weather today for your sale! So sorry to miss it, looks like you had some awesome treasures!

P.S. said...

Great sale and great to see you all!

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