Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Twas the Day

Twas the day of the Outdoor Gala

When all through the parking lot

People were stirring and filling up our shop.

The Ruby purses were all lined up, placed with such care

The signs were all hung, quiet in the crisp Fall air.

The pumpkins awaited a home of their own

....which one will he choose? The grey one, the green one, the orange or the blue?

The fire was cracklin' to warm those cold fingers and toes,
The music was drifting to soothe the soul.

The baked goods and sweets flowed aplenty


Malt balls...

Carmel corn and honey.

People came to admire the fancy ride

And gander at the great lookin' vintage bike....

Rusty finds and junkyard delights.....

In piles and rows stacked to the sky.

The charm of it all, so simple and nice

A bit of sparkle

A bit of glitter

a bit of whimsy dresses it all up just right.

Gorgeous buffets

and tables and vanities...

....cozy home accessories

and my favorite: the cubby!

Something for every home

whether it be country ...

...or fluff.

Now then, enough is enough.... let's not forget the smalls:

Creative and lovely...

and of course the most precious smalls of all...(no she's not for sale!)

A few finds for the men: thermos' and helmets, rusty tools...

..... how 'bout a statue of the Deep Thinker? And.....well, maybe that's all. :-)

The weather was beautiful.... a chilly but sunny day, a grande time for all. Ok, I'm going to stop rhyming now because this post is going to take me all Fall.

Thank you to all our great vendors, consignors and customers who made this day a day to remember!

I'm done now. :-)

1 comment:

Bellamere Cottage said...

Oh my....that does look like a fun event....

My pup's name is Ruby.... :-)


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