Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Great Tea Party

We had a lot of fun at our Mad Hatter Tea Party, and as promised, here's some pictures!
Putting on an event is a huge amount of work, all the behind the scenes work takes many helping hands. Here, my mom-in-law and my friend Sandy diligently frost our Wonderland cookies. Bless their hearts, they worked on them for HOURS!

And these weren't even the finished product..we added minute hands to the Rabbit's pocketwatch. We had Queen Ruby's crown cookies, the Chesire Cat's grin cookies, the Mad Hatter's Hat get the picture... 
We transformed the front doors into our excited customers wait for us to open. Lots of great party hats! 
Great hat, very CRAZY! 
My beautiful friend Julie and her adorable boys, helping fill the place with bubbles.
Cutie Sylvia above and below, our dear friend Karen from Old Quincy Schoolhouse (I get to see her maybe once a year, and she made a special trip to see us!) 
Love her hat, it had a crown in it too, kind of hard to tell in the picture.
I wish I could have gotten pictures of everbody, it's hard to get lots of pictures when you're busy!  
Karen didn't actually have balloons on her hat like it appears here, they were hanging in the background, that would have been a good idea for a party hat too! (Thanks for blowing up all those balloons Maryann ;-)
Sandy cracks me up..although it doesn't qualify as a hat, she gets an A for creativity, right??? She had a rough day in her kitchen apparently.
Lovely ladies having fun!  Above, Rebecca, Lori, Julie and Elizabeth. Below, Jennifer ;-).
 My beautiful mom and our sweet Florence. (yes Mom, I know you're going to hit me for putting this picture on) ;-)
 Nina and Michelle (My Shabby Passion)
 Here's a glimpse of our cookies, what was left of them!

  ..and you musn't forget the tea!

We played games all night, giving away prizes. 
 Denise, Arts and Scraps, was hosting a great make and take.
 Very cute and spring-y, I wish I'd had time to make one! 
 White Chocolate White Rabbits, compliments of Linda.
Mary Jo (Faded Rosie), Sue (Birdsong), Linda  
Our Mad Hatter's Hat 
 Doesn't Sue look FABULOUS?? 
 Ha, ha, this is how people feel when they see me coming with my camera ;-)..

Gotcha Annette (Andy's Attic)! Aren't they so cute??
Having fun together..Annette and Michelle!
Sue, Linda and Maryann (Prune Hill) 
Beautiful smile. Maryann is our special guest vendor this month. If you missed my intro post of her, go check out Prune Hill.
 Annette, Sue, Maryann, Jennifer, Mom, Mom-in law (Linda) 
We hung cards from the ceiling.
Denise's fun hat..she is so creative, isn't she??  
Becky and Heidi (Fritzie's Finds), such generous hearts.
Awww, love this picture of us. Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Alice and Queen Ruby.
Thanks to everyone who came out and had fun with us. It's good to dress up and be silly! Think I should go blonde? Nahhh.
Sally and I also want to say a BIG thank you to all these wonderful people who helped make this event a success:
Mary Jo
We tip our hats (and wigs) to you all for a crazy fun party!


Farm Girl said...

Oh how I wish I could have been there. It looks like so much fun and I love the hats, and the cookies and everything. You do have such good ideas! Well, maybe soon. :)

Florence said...

You could tell you were having such great fun. I am glad I got to stop by and find some treasures. You all looked so great. Hugs Florence

Karen said...

Lots of fun Lisa and Sally, but I'm gonna get you somehow. Problem is you both always look so darn cute! And you're too sweet to get mad at for the picture lol! It was so good to see you all, and I know I keep saying it, but we ARE going to come up sometime and get a chance to visit! Love ya, Karen

Andy's Attic said...

Love the pictures you got. It was such a fun sale!!

Sue said...

What a fun time it looks like you all had, the pictures say it all. I know about all the work that goes into an event like this, but when family and friends work together, it's really not work at all.

Thank you for your visit, and your sweet comment.

Heidi said...

This event was the greatest and most fun yet. I could see all your hard work. Does it get any better than this?????

Farm Girl said...

I just had to leave you a note, I hope you get this. You said that you are tired of white, I have thought about that since I wrote. I want you to know I am so tired of white. I decorate more from feeling than what is in style and having so many people and animals living in my house, white would not work. So I started paying attention to what I was reading and looking at and I think you are on to something. While I love nothing better than a white kitchen and white cabinets, I think we need to bring back color. Starting with red and white.
Sorry this is so long but I was just thinking about it. :) Really if you came to my house, I would want you to take your shoes off, put them on the table and stay and be at home. So I guess that is my style. :)

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