Saturday, May 7, 2011


I love being a mom.
I love hearing my boys say 'Mommy' (most of the time). I love the hugs, the kisses, the sweet arms around my neck, the laughs and even the tears.
I can't imagine my life without my children, I can't imagine me without my children. They are a completely true gift from God.

And yet,
there are days,
when I feel like the least 'motherly' mom around.
Ever feel like that?
Days I'd like to go in the closet,
close the door,
and eat chocolate without having to share,
read a book without reading the same sentence over 50 times because of interruptions,
not having to repeat myself over and over and over....
I know in my heart that I would soon tire of that and miss
sharing chocolate,
reading books together,
and sharing the love and conversation of two young children in my presence.
I want to cherish this moment in time and relish in the fact that each second I invest in my children will produce a harvest of joy that will last their whole lives (and mine).

My oldest son's birthday is tomorrow on Mother's Day, God couldn't have given me a more perfect gift.

Happy Mother's Day dear Moms!

Lisa ;-)

p.s. Don't forget to treat yourself with a free coffee from Dutch Bros. tomorrow!!


Farm Girl said...

That is a lovely Mother's day present. You have one yourself.
I do think it is one of the best gifts in the world, to have been given the gift of mothering.

My Shabby Roses said...

Amen! Have a wonderful Mother's Day! Children are truly a gift!

The Little Red Shop said...

Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday to your li'l one!!!

: )

Julie M.

Andy's Attic said...

Happy Mother's Day, Lisa. How fun to have a birthday and Mother's day to celebrate together!! My mom was born on May 9 and sometimes it fell on Mother's Day.

Marion's Vintage Bakeshop said...

I keep finding more and more beautiful blogs! I am sure I will learn a thing or two from you all!
Thanks for the eye candy!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh I so agree children are such a blessing from the Lord! Great post!!

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