Wednesday, July 20, 2011

IT's going to be HUGE!!

I am soooo excited about the upcoming Vintage Gathering Flea Market!! It's going to be fabulous, and you really won't want to miss it..

Picture tea lights everywhere,
     lanterns strung,
along with a cheery, popping campfire
     and the scent of perfectly toasted (or burnt) marshmallows wafting on the air,
     while LIVE music by 'Wailen Jenn and Friend' play to liven up the atmosphere
as you peruse the best in vintage from 20 different vendors.
That's Friday evening's candlelight sale! 5pm to 9pm!

Saturday, 'Wailen Jenn and Friend' will again be performing LIVE music and we'll have a AWESOME food vendor on site: The Field Kitchen. They provided the food at our flea market behind the shop last year, and I think I sampled just about everything they offered...
ok, I probably shouldn't admit that.
They'll even have espresso.
EaRly shoppers can savor their coffee..
EaRly. vendors. who. need. their. coffee ;-).

I've been outside pounding projects out like all beats all, and coercing my kids into helping me. I offered them cold hard cash to help me clean, haul stuff, etc., they renegotiated for 3 more levels on their video game (my oldest even wanted me to shake on it). Alright, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, especially when it comes to crunch time!
Can't wait for July 29th and 30th..we're having a party and you are our honored guest!
See you then ;-)


Florence said...

I am so excited for your Friday evening event. Awesome!!! Hugs! Florence

Farm Girl said...

Take lots and lots of pictures!!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh this sounds just awesome!I agree take lots of pictures to share with us!!

My Shabby Passion said...

And I feel completely honored to be a part of this talented and awesome group of people! Let the fun begin!!!
can hardly wait to see all your new projects! Will you be bringing some blueberries too?

Molly Mo's said...

Hoping to make it over there after set up at BH. Looks delightful!

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