Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Story

I'm not usually a morning person, however that was one of the great things about getting up early to do our Vintage Gathering Flea Market. I would have missed this beautiful sunrise.

The air was crisp and cool, all was still and quiet. Then I saw this! See that tiny little dot in the sky?

It turned out to be this...oh, what another blessing! I just knew we were going to have a great day at our Flea Market.

We had so many truly wonderful vendors, that I couldn't back up far enough for my camera to capture it all. This is from one angle.....

... Birdsong, Faded Rosie, Harris Farms... We were filled to the brim.

This is in front of Cathy's cute little barn workshop. Our cup was overflowing!

And to be quite honest, I took a million pictures (not quite), and I just loved them all, so I'm going to share most of them with you. Even these pictures don't do our sweet Flea Market justice...but you'll get a glimpse inside the story!

This chippy old red mailbox is adorable! Courtesy of our wonderful Lori from Harris Farms.

Lori's blue enamel top table with blue chair covers. I've never seen blue before, but I really like it!!

I finally snagged a shot of Matt & Veronica and their lovely daughter Katherine. I wonder if their other daughter Olivia was home watching cartoons...who get's up this early???? :-)

Katherine is always cute, but today she fit right in with our vintage market. Her Grandma made the skirt for her, it's adorable. Sweet from head to pink sneakers!

Oh and I must mention that Matt & Veronica are now called The Olive Kat. I LOVE IT!!!

They always display their wonderful wares so beautifully. Their fall colors were striking.

We had a new vendor with us this time, and I sure hope she becomes a permanent fixture here! This is Karen with her two wonderful daughters Kristin and Chantel, of Karen's Kitchen from The Old Quincy Schoolhouse. She drove all the way from Clatskanie to join us. And if you're reading this Karen, your Marionberry Coffee Cake rocks!!! My husband took one bite of it and said he was having a feeling of euphoria! I gobbled the rest down so he didn't have to :-). If any of you missed out on Karen's wonderful baked goods, don't worry, she'll be back on Oct. 3rd at Uncovered Ruby.

Karen's Cardamom bread is FAB. U. LOUS! Me and my family ate (inhaled) almost the whole loaf in one sitting last night, we couldn't get enough. Spread a bit of butter on it, and yummmmmm....

And homemade carmel corn to boot!

They also brought this awesome old metal car with them, heavier than all beats all. Those three ladies got it in and out of their vehicle all by themselves. Quite a job. By the way, it is for Karen at her blog if you're interested in this incredible car. I've never seen one like it!
This sweet couple was another new vendor with us. Kurt & Tina of ........

.....their sign says it all. You know they really encompass what we're about. We all have a bit of this and a bit of that, and all those bits are things we all like.

I really liked their fishing display, and I couldn't fit it all in the picture. They had some great finds.

This was above their fishing display, all those little bags hanging had different hooks in them. Maybe I'm drawn to fishing because my kids are into fishing, big time, right now. We've been having so much fun finding poles and tackle for them, I'm 'hook(ed)...line and sinker!' Did I say that right? I'm still learning :-)

If you like to collect Coca-Cola, this was the place to be today! In my rounds I saw another display of Coca-Cola items, but I didn't snap a picture.

Ahhhh, now we have Cheryl of Voondi. She wasn't able to join us at our last Flea Market because she had foot surgery. However she was back with us and in her full glory might I add!

She has a love for vintage and it shines through in every picture of her booth.

She had me at 'hydrangeas'. These are my favorite flowers, fresh, dried, pressed, dipped and dyed, I adore them.

Doesn't this look so inviting? Cher's got a great eye for mixing patterns, I wouldn't have thought of this...

Right next to Voondi, is Michelle of My Shabby Passion. Remember those piles I showed you from the Sneak Peek post? This was that....and oh my, Michelle pulled it together beautifully.

Seriously, these pictures just don't reveal this eye feast when you happen upon her space.

I really liked this swan, and I should have snagged it right away. He who hesitates, loses the worm (uh, fishing term again, do swans eat worms?) At any rate, this would have looked really cool at my home. If you ever find another one Michelle, it's got my name on it.

Layer upon layer of fun finds. It's like going through an attic full of forgotten items that are so exciting to find that it makes you squeal!! (Am I the only one that does that?)

And yet another Michelle creation. She's got it going on! She'll also be doing the Camas Vintage Street Faire next Saturday, the 19th from 9 am to 4pm. Check out Camas Antiques for more details.

Speaking of attics, this is from Annette's space, Andy's Attic. She has such a talent for finding treasures. She's not a newby to this, she's been spotting antiques and vintage finds for a long time, we're so blessed to have her (and her knowledge!)

A bit of this and a bit of that.........

We were so happy to have Charlene of The Christmas Coop with us again. She and her mother-in-law Bobby, had beautiful wares for sale....

......including a large place setting of REAL silver, silverware. (I say large because I don't know how many place settings it was. I know there were 16 spoons though, does that make it a 16 place setting?) It didn't last for long and it is going to be re-gifted for a wedding gift, what a lucky bride and groom! And Marlene, we missed you this time, thanks for sharing your wonderful sister Char...she's my new sweating buddy :-)

Glass on a mirror is so pretty.

Well, look who showed up. Ever heard of Uncovered Ruby? It's this sweet little shop in Old Town Battle Ground, that just happens to be having a 2 year anniversary party on Oct. 3rd and you're invited! Mark your calendars and watch for more details on here.

Sally and I were the space hogs this time, we had two canopies. It was cozy but it was beautiful. Sally and I have such different tastes and styles...take a look.

Ok, well maybe once in awhile we're on the same wavelength! The one above is Sally's, the one below is mine.

Sally's... (I love old typewriters!)

And I like old cameras....

....Sally's elegance... eggs....

.....Sally's....even more beautiful with God's sunshine! rusty finds, covered by the shade of God's wonderful walnut tree....

...on a side cream anybody? We did have an actual ice cream stand with us today, and for our next season we'll have one every time!

I was trying to cover the food groups.. dairy above, vegetable below, then....

....fruit from my 60+ year old pear tree that my Grandma planted.

Many of you know that Sally and I didn't know each other very well when we began the shop. We both believed that we were being lead by Christ in opening our shop and we were walking forward in that faith! Over the last 2+ years, Sally has become my dear friend, mentor, business partner, and my sister. We may have different styles, but our hearts are kindred spirits and I just love her. (Sniff....ok I'm moving on...)

Well, here's a sweet picture of Chelsea Ann. She had joined us after visiting the Barn House show, isn't she adorable?

And here is Timi that brought the bus load of ladies down to see us, Barn House and Aunt Tam's fabric shop in Battle Ground. She has a personality that just draws you in, and I know you can't see it (darn it, I should have backed up), but she had on an almost full length apron that she had bought from Mary Jo of Faded Rosie at our last Flea Market, and she looked sooo sweet in it. I hope all the ladies had fun, we enjoyed having them! I love meeting these people that we blog with in person, Timi, Jennifer from Barking Dogs, Karen from Karen's Kitchen...our likes bring us all together.

Alright, so here's the deal. I sent out an email to everybody that I wanted to get a group shot of us either before or after the market, and unfortunately some snuck away. Missing are Karen and her daughters and Lori and her friends from Harris Farms. Everybody was hot and sweaty and exhausted, hyped up from Junk Man Dan's wonderful margaritas and fresh homemade salsa and chips, and watermelon from moi's garden which my wonderful hubby brought.

We had my hubby and Michelle's hubby taking pictures and instead of posting the best 'one' I'm posting them all, because they crack me up and it shows who we really are...

Take 1:
So Mary Jo is playing with her nose, and she has Michelle and Sally distracted and I'm not sure what Cheryl is looking at.....I told Char to take her sweaty hand off my shoulder....

Take 2:
....which she obliged for this picture, we're laughing and Kurt's now looking the wrong way, is Mary Jo too.. oh and Annette, look up!

Take 3:
....Susan, Mary Jo and Sally have it goin' on in the back, must be lack of hydration??

Ah....Take 4 and almost everybody's looking the right direction and smiling. This is worse than a bunch of Kindergarten kids!

From left to right, top row: Sue (Birdsong), Mary Jo (Faded Rosie), Sally (Uncovered Ruby), Annette (Andy's Attic), Veronica & Matt (The Olive Kat), um Joanie was just there in the picture above....where'd she go?
Second row: Cathy (Beyond the Garden Gate), Kurt (Bit of This, Bit of That).
Third row: Cheryl (Voondi), Tina (Bit of This, Bit of That), Michelle (My Shabby Passion).
Bottom row: Lisa (Uncovered Ruby), Charlene (Christmas Coop).

Now I don't usually include a picture of myself on here, but I'm going to show you this one that my hubby caught. My claps are for all of you guys and gals that make this Flea Market what it is, and the passions that we share together. Koodoos to each of you...this is OUR STORY!! I cherish each one of you.


Florence said...

What a great post the story has been told and you did it well, way to go Lisa. See you soon.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha!! Your pose in the group pictures was the best.

the Olive Kat said...

Those group pictures turned out great! It really was a fun day, can't wait for the next one....

Junque Couture said...

Wish I could have been there! Looking forward to the october flea! Love the pictures and you're a great story teller!

God Bless!

Sammy Girl said...

Was so sad to have missed this sale, which was really an EVENT! I always find good things and have great visits with everyone. Hope to make it to the birthday bash!
Hugs and have a super day --
Betty :)
ps - I have a giveaway going thru Thursday ...

The Whispering Creek House said...

Hey there I did a little post of ya on my blog come check it out! I had a great time and bought a white blanket from beyond the garden gate!

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