Friday, July 30, 2010

Flea Market Sneak Peek!


Here's a mini sneak peek of my load of 'junque' I'm taking to the Vintage Gathering Flea Market this Saturday.

These are soda fountain stools from the 1930's that I found. I really, really like them!

Some fun wrought iron fixtures...

Told you it was a mini peek!

On a side note, one of our beloved vendors is having a sale at her house this weekend:
Fritizie's Finds Overstock Vintage Sale. Friday the 30th and Satuday the 31st from 8am to 6pm at 21609 NE Allworth Rd., Battle Ground.
Heidi always has great stuff at great prices, this is sure to be a sale you don't want to miss!

Hope to see you at the Flea! 

Lisa :-)

P.S. I'm having trouble with the new way blogger uploads pictures. It's actually really irritating me! so I know this post doesn't look that great, but I don't have time to fix it right now...bear with me! Is anyone else having problems with posting pics and text?


Elements of Time said...

Can't wait to see you later!


Andy's Attic said...

You are such a tease!! Your stuff looks super! I'm not using the new stuff on blogger cause I'm not savy enough. The old editor works fine for me. See you Sat.

L~ @prim4Him said...


Wanted to let you know, you got a "shout out" over on the barnhouseboys blog

That's a huge endorsment! Yea! :)
Hope you have an amazing weekend with perfect junking weather!
Blessings! L~

Wendy said...

That looks like a truck load of some good stuff!! Have lots of fun :)

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