Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Like Mother, Like Son

Last weekend was a city wide garage sale event where I live, so of course, my boys and I had to go out and see what treasures we could find. I was on the hunt for old, they were on the hunt for....legos (or so I thought).

My kids have jobs that they get paid for, so they each had money burning a hole in their pocket that day. Not having much luck at finding legos, they each still had most of their money with them. Towards the end of our day we had stopped at one garage sale where I was chatting with a gal that I knew when I turned around to see my sweet 6 year old come up with...
with his MONEY IN HAND.
Besides the fact that it was a teapot and it was orange, $5 is a lot of money when you're only earning $2 a week for spending money!
I repeatedly asked him if he was sure he wanted to buy that because it was a lot of money, to no avail. Then I thought for sure my friend wouldn't let him pay $5 (because that's a lot of money when you're still only earning $2 a week for spending) but to my chagrin, she took his money and told him to enjoy the clock.


At first I let it go, then after chewing on it awhile I broached the subject with my son:

ME: "Andy, I really like that clock you bought, and I bet I could sell it at the flea market, can I buy it off of you and get you another clock that only takes batteries?"
ANDY: "But I like this clock, it has numbers I can read."
ME: "Yes, but if you had a clock with a battery then you could put it wherever you wanted, and I'll find you one that has numbers you can read."
ANDY: PAUSE  "Ok, but I'll have to think about how much I want to sell it for."
ME: Mouth drops open.
ANDY: "I'll sell it to you for $20."
ME: I birthed this child and he's trying to make a profit off of me?? "Well, I was thinking that I could just pay you what you paid for it and we'd call it good."
ANDY: "Well, I'll come down to $19."

Just another lesson in how our children watch and listen to EVERYTHING we say, even when we don't think they do!

By the way, I have him chewed down to $7.00.

By the way again, he plugged it in in his room to see if it works, and you know what, it's actually kind of cute. Ahhh, my picker son.
Lisa :-)

Disclaimer: This post was meant in no way to offend anyone who loves orange, teapot, 1950's clocks that plug in.


Treasure Hunter said...

Absolutely priceless!

Treasure Hunter said...

Absolutely priceless! You must be beeming with pride.

Tales from the Deep South said...

Hi Ruby! Thanks for stopping by. I love junk and junky people so I'm adding you to my blogroll!!

Have a beautifully junkified weekend!



Tales from the Deep South said...

Hi Ruby~

Thanks for stopping by and leaving some junky love on my blog~
I love junk and junkers~I'm adding you to my blogroll!!

Xo Kel

My Shabby Passion said...

That is a very cute story! I laughed out loud! I'm thinking Andy will be keeping that clock for a very long time, and some day he'll be writing his first blog post saying "My mother taught me very well!".

Molly Mo's said...

Good luck on your sale, wish I could go since I love your sale! Happened to discover it a couple years ago - adorable!


amyd said...

Lovely blog - thanks for the comment on my blog - and I have every intention of stopping at vintage gathering after BH - wouldn't miss it
amy of four corners design

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful story. So glad you shared it with the world. When he is famous (in whatever field he chooses) you can still point back to his being raised right.

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