Friday, April 8, 2011

We're Issuing a Challenge to YOU! (prize involved!!)

Who doesn't like a little healthy competition once in a while? How 'bout you...


This is gonna be a fun one! 

So here's the deal...we want to see what you've done with your own treasure that you've found at Uncovered Ruby. Whether you found that special something at the shop or at one of the flea markets that Sally and I have done with the Vintage Gathering group, it makes no matter, show it to us! Read on for details.

Have you turned a wedding dress into a lovely table covering?

Displayed beauty under a crystal clear cloche?

Found a sweet rocker for your favorite grandchild.

Created a garden look with a WhImSicAL birdhouse?

Displayed a cherished doll in an once upon a time carriage.

Added to your favorite Parisian inspired spot with a trinket or picture?

Added old time charm with glass knobs on your doors or cabinets...  

....or filled a vase with vintage crepe flowers?

Completed your dining room with a new-to-you old buffet...

...or a tasteful armoire to hide those 'technological gadgets'?

A quilt, a rug, a purse to finish the look...

..that you love.
  • Email us a photo(s) of your favored find and Sally and I will take a vote.
  • And of course, like with most challenges, we are offering a prize..a $25 gift certificate to....
Uncovered Ruby! (surprised??)
  • Deadline for this contest will be May 1.
  • On your mark,
  • get set,
  • get ready,
  • GO!!!
Best wishes..Lisa ;-)


The Whispering Creek House said...

what a great challenge!!! i cant wait to see what everyone is doing!!!!thanks!!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

This sounds like a great challenge. I am new to your bog and am so glad that I found it!

Melanee said...

This is a brilliant and oh-so-fun challenge! If I can gather some time, I will snap a photo. :)

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