Monday, August 29, 2011

Creative Juices Abound at AVG Flea Markets!

August's flea market, was filled with wonderful vendors (as always!). It just never ceases to amaze me the creativity that God blesses each person with, and how different that creativity looks from person to person. When I slowed down, put down my camera, and really looked, I realized how much time and effort each person devotes to their really is a passion. Which I knew, but we all get caught up in our own busy-ness and forget to appreciate the gifts others have been given (speaking for myself here). So enjoy these pictures from The Vintage Gathering Flea Market, they will give you merely a glimpse of the hearts of the people behind the LOVE.

Chris from Mack and Momma. It's kind of hard to see, but she's got one of her wonderful top hats on that she makes. They are a work of art!

Chris makes these too. I think they look beautiful just like this, but they are technically for a dog's collar! Who would've thunk it????

You can see one of her hats better here..way cool, huh?!!

I had the pleasure of being next to Heidi of Fritzie's Finds (a vendor in the shop also). This lovely little bird bath of hers came home with me!

She had so many fun items...

This was casting rainbows into my space, so pretty!

Vintage Market was a new guest vendor with us this time. What a nice couple. I drooled over many things in their space!

I REALLY liked this cabinet..I know it's hard to tell from this picture, but it had stars punched into all three doors.

Arianne of Ozark Annie and Amber of Sparrow's Nest are also two vendors in the shop, joining us at the flea market too. These are two very hard working, talented gals. Not sure if I'm right on his age, but Arianne's baby is just 2 months old! Amazing what this woman is doing with a baby in tow!
Not to mention their space is ALWAYS amazing! I love their style, this is more of what my own home is like.

2nd Childhood Friends..they've been our flea neighbors for the last several shows. I've thoroughly enjoyed visiting with them and getting to know them!

We share a love of clocks!

Denise, Junque Soiree, she is incredible. She started out years ago as one of our customers, then she opened her own business, Arts and Scraps, and now she's a vendor in the shop and does the flea markets with us. Most of all though, she's become a friend, no longer an acquaintance. Such a sweet soul with an extraordinarily gifted spirit!

My sweet friend Cher's cupcakes, and they adorable? Pin cushions though, not edible! (next pic down..this is her space too though!)
My dear friend Sue of Birdsong's space.  I really debated on bringing home her table but since my hubby was out of town I decided I better not...or wait, that might have been the perfect time!

Early morning picture..Mary Jo of Faded Rosie and Sue always have the cutest things!
Ahhh, my newest friend, Danielle, The Honey Bee Girl. She blessed us with her WONDERFUL honey again and fresh organic blueberries, yum!

Matt and Veronica, the Olive Kat, have been bringing some adorable kid's toys. I think my boys are a bit too old for this now, but how much fun it would have been!
Gillian, Le Petit Lapin, is yet another vendor in the shop. She has been so fun getting to know, and what a talented lady she is! Like me, she has young kids too, and I loved the way she explained why she likes doing her 'hobby' so much: It's the one thing that she can do that doesn't get undone. All you Mom's understand that!

My horse friend, Lori of Harris Farms, and Mary of Hula Girl. They are two wonderful ladies. Can you tell I was running out of time to take pictures? I only got this one snap and then customers started coming in...

My window that I sold that I'll have to make another one of because I liked it too.
Cathy, Back Porch Signs, our generous hostess and my long time friend..has a wonderful selection of signs.

 Kim, of Truly Scrumptious, graced us with her wonderful baked goods. I made the long trek all the way across the field a few times ;-)
AND, last but never favorite photo of the day. Sue and Heidi, chilling under the tree (for it was 92 degrees this day!)
Hope you enjoyed the 'tour' of the last (and last one of the season) is Sept. 17th!
Lisa ;-)


BirdSong said...

Lisa, What a great post!! It really captured how special our sales are (to me)!!
I think bout' you everyday lovee!!
Kisses to your crew xxoo

Andy's Attic said...

Great "tour". It was a fun show, as usual!

Mindy said...

love the pictures! sorry i missed this one, it looked fabulous!

My Shabby Passion said...

Great pictures Lisa. Loving the picture of Sue and Heidi!! Can I have my own "fanner" at the next sale?...I am feeling very warm... Ha! Ha!

Barbara Jean said...

My sweet husband is bringing to Battleground this weekend for my birthday!!!
I cannot wait to see EVERYTHING!!
Will be at Vintage Gathering, where else is there to see?? (you know, like thrift shops and so on.) =)

barbara jean
Treasures from the Heart Gifts
Eugene Oregon

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