Saturday, January 30, 2010

I like taking pictures. The shop has so many photo 'ops' that it's fun to get just that right angle. Here's some pics I was playing with the other day...

So, you thought Cinderella's slipper was just a fairy tale? Think again! It's in our shop!! :-)

Wasn't it birds that helped make Cinderella's first beautiful dress that the wicked stepmother and stepsisters tore apart? Those birds whistled so happily..we all need some cheerful birds in our homes! Naturally these birds don't whistle, but on the same side of the coin...they don't make a mess either!!

I thought this silver was so pretty against the purple interior of the silverware case.

Who knew Scrabble pieces would be such a hot commodity? People love to build their own words with them. I think they just look cool in a bowl.

Look at this sweet armoire. Sometimes when we find treasures we take them home and enjoy them for awhile, then when we find something else that 'fits' us better, we swap. That's the fun part of having a shop, you can swap to your heart's content. Does that make us our own best customers??

Need a cabinet? We've got several adorable ones right now.

I like this shelving piece too..both the sides are made with long shutters.

Well, that's it for now..have a blessed day!

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